Start saving water now

With the looming water crisis to hit the greater Metro Manila area, experts have cautioned the public to start conserving water. Whether you have a small or big household its best to minimize water consumption and if possible save up for water containers like stainless steel drums just in case rationing of water reach your area. We can do our share to conserve water by recycling water from washing the dishes, clothes and taking a bath to water the plants, flushing the toilet, for cleaning the pavements and for cleaning the car. If you can’t find galvanized drums in your area, you can always look for sturdy plastic drums like the one we bought a few years back.

2 thoughts on “Start saving water now

  1. Mylene

    This is true mommy! Each and everyone of us should be concerned on conserving water. Matagal tagal pa ang tagulan at malaki na ang kakulangan sa tubig.

    1. Yami Post author

      Kanina nga pinag-uusapan namin ni hubby na kapag ang kyusi ang nawalan ang ibig sabihin talagang malala na ang problem eh di ba malakas ang pressure sa area namin dahil malapit ito sa la mesa dam. ang hirap kapag inabot tayo ng water crisis.


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