Sporty daddy

My husband used to play lawn tennis and golf. He said playing lawn tennis is a lot cheaper than playing golf. He already has his own tennis racket, but with golf he needs to have a golf club set and pay exorbitant fee to be a member of a golf course club. He was able to play golf through his former officemates and friends, who also lend him golf clubs. He only shells out a minimal fee for the entrance at the golf club and for the cart use. They usually meet on weekends to play. Sadly, his playing buddies have transferred to other companies so hubby had to gradually quit playing golf and eventually lawn tennis.

tennis raket  (pen paper pan)

He still misses playing golf and lawn tennis as both sports actually helped him recover from some health issues in the past. He still has his lawn tennis racket at the office and he hopes to teach the kids one day. A tennis racket at Zalora costs more than P1,000 these days. But it’s actually cheaper compared to other brands sold at the mall. We can secure two more rackets when the kids are ready to play.

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