Solving puzzle

I miss playing puzzles with the kids. I miss the fun and laughter that filled the room when they put the pieces together in such a short time. We have enjoyed the smallest (about the size of a 3R picture or smaller) to the biggest puzzle (one-half  meter) we have at home.

We’ve tried to solve the difficult to the easiest (with picture patterns) puzzle. But the kids have outgrown playing with puzzles and shift their interests to other things. The puzzle pieces went missing and  the kids just forget about them. 🙁

Oh, I miss the sheer fun I get from playing simple games, including puzzle with my kids.

Playing puzzle boosts the creativity of kids and serves as brain work out to adults.

2 thoughts on “Solving puzzle

  1. genefaith

    high-tech na din ngayon ang puzzle marce kasi available na sa iPad…no mess:)but still when Hyzyd gets older I want him to play with me the old school jigsaw puzzle:)


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