Sign of maturity

We went to the mall the other night to buy some school supplies. While we were heading to the school supply section, the kids instantly pull their own cart and went separate directions to get the stuff that they need. They have their own initiative now unlike last year when I have to decide what design or color of notebooks they will get for themselves. My kids have matured a bit. That’s something to be proud of.

Without any pressure from them (the drama of choosy shoppers 😀 ) we were able to finish shopping in no time. When we arrived home, my son couldn’t wait to open the shopping bags to check what he got for himself. He used the box cutter instead of scissor to untie the plastic bags. Good thing the blade is no longer that sharp. My kids can do things on their own if they want to, I wish they continue to be more responsible and mature kids. 🙂

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