Properly outfitting EMS and law enforcement staff

Police departments, security agencies and other entities rely on the durability and performance of a quality law enforcement uniform. For protection, and immediate identification, these uniforms must be made to high quality standards. On duty, officers and agents are exposed to the elements and many hazards while performing their duties. Uniforms must be at least very resistant and capable of keeping up with the use and abuse they are exposed to in the field.

Part of wearing an easy identifiable article of clothing is to be instantly recognizable; your team members should always wear the same standard color and style of clothing as the rest of the team. Having a set of guidelines will avoid having discrepancies on the uniformity of any particular group.

A variety of companies can offer great EMS clothing. Because of the vast selection of styles and options on the market for uniforms, departments should have a set of designated and approved styles, colors, and even preferred stores. Have the option to choose an online or a physical one. Designated stores where to purchase the articles of clothing will help keep with disparity to a minimum. This is all to maintain uniformity and for the co stability of the department they represent.

Always take in consideration the materials and use of these articles. Exposed to harsh environments, they can wear out quickly and may not provide enough protection when they start to wear out prematurely. Wearing them is no longer just to put on a pair of shoes, a jacket, and pants. Nowadays, many accessories are made available which are compatible with most styles and functions of the wearer. From skull caps, safety vests, jackets, trousers, all the way down to the socks; carrying the right clothing for the correct situation is crucial for the comfort and execution of the officer’s duties.

New materials and designs in outerwear have made them lighter and more functional. The heavier wool and cotton fabric blends of yesterday could never perform as well as today’s custom blends and new knitting pattern construction. That makes them more likely to be worn constantly, instead of just having to wear the uniform when it is absolutely necessary. New technologies incorporated in the clothing of today; will keep evolving providing better durability and protection.

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