There are so many ways to promote your business nowadays. One of which is through dissemination of postcards. Yes, postcard can be an effective tool to make your small business known. You can design your own postcard or have it done by a professional to add a touch of class to it. The postcard should be appropriate to the type of business you have. If your business caters to the youth, the layout design and logo should catch the attention of the young crowd. If you are opening a new eating place opposite a university, you can give out postcards in school during break time. You can write down that you’re offering discount on food and drinks just present the perforated portion of the postcard upon purchase. Students are on a limited budget so any promotion that gives out discount is a sure hit to them.

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  1. tracy

    thats such a great idea. i know i personally just love getting REAL mail in these times of txts, email and other portable devices. thanks for the tip!


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