Pen, Paper, Pan For Fairy Hobmother

When I started this blog, all I want was to share my journey about pen, paper and pan. The title is about me and what I love doing. I have been in the writing field for a very long time, hence the pen and paper. The pan, that is to describe what I am now, a full time mother to my two kids. I still write from time to time, that is in between doing the dishes.

Being in the newspaper for quite a while, I’ve seen and heard so many unbelievable news, so I think nothing will surprise me. Not until a fairy visited this blog. Fairy Hobmother happened to drop by here and I was surprised. I am not into fairies, years of news and reports made me not to believe on winged creatures but the recent visit of  a fairy proves me wrong. Why? The magic Fairy Hobmother showed me was overwhelming. Aside from his Fairy overloads at Appliances Online, the fairy also left me something that I can use for shopping.

Now, that is really great specially that my two kids are asking for some stuff online. I could really use this, and maybe I can buy another set or two of my favorite pans.

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Tell us if you believe in fairy or not and when he check this blog, he might pay you a visit.


2 thoughts on “Pen, Paper, Pan For Fairy Hobmother

  1. Joanne

    Wow, congrats! I wish I get to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother too. So nice of him to opay a visit to bloggers and leave gifts. His pixie dusts are really making wonders. 🙂


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