My Kids’ Recovery from Dengue Infection

The kids will be going home today after five days of confinement. They are on their way to full recovery from dengue infection. My son and daughter’s platelet count as of this morning (Feb. 23) has increased to 220, a good sign that both are recovering well and have passed the critical stage of dengue fever. The doctor has given them a clean bill of health and are allowed to go home today. But she still warns the kids not to engage in stressful activities like playing (and bickering!). They need a few more days of rest before they can go back to school. They have a lot of catching up to do with their school lessons so they need to save their energy.

My kids have surpassed another sickness and we are grateful that they did not reach that life-threatening stage of dengue fever. Although, their hospitalization has exhausted our meager resources, I believe there are more reasons to be thankful for and I know things will be much better for us in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “My Kids’ Recovery from Dengue Infection

  1. joy

    it’s really hard when someone in your family gets sick and in your case two of your children, it’s really physically, mentally and financially exhausting experience. but it’s good to know that both kids are recovering already.

    1. Yami Post author

      @Niks, thank you marce. medyo ok na rin ako, back to work na ulit. 🙂
      @Eric, thanks. 🙂
      @Joy, thanks. 🙂
      @Mama Mia, thanks. 🙂


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