Mom suffered a mild stroke

I received the terrible news at 2pm yesterday. People who have taken my mother to the nearest clinic thought she’s suffering from stroke because her mouth twitched slightly and had difficulty talking.  The hot weather might have caused my mom’s blood pressure to shoot up. She was under observation for a few hours at the emergency room of the East Avenue Medical Center, where she was later released upon doctor’s advice. She is resting at home now. I’m thankful to those who brought my mother to the hospital. Nanay’s younger siblings were also there to comfort her.

I wasn’t able to rush to her side yesterday as I was the one who was looking after my nieces and nephews in our house yesterday. I will visit her today and be backto finish a couple of assignments. My sister will arrive on Thursday and will stay for eleven days to take care of our mother.

Friends, I’m requesting you to include my family especially my mother in your prayers. We love our mother so much and we cannot afford to lose her at this point in our lives. Thank you…God Bless!

9 thoughts on “Mom suffered a mild stroke

  1. Mrs. Kolca

    i know how you feel.. my father suffered from stroke also before he passed away due to diabetes complications.. both my grandparents also had mild stroke last year.. just last weekend, i sent them vitamins and various kinds of oatmeal.. let’s pray together for the wellness of our families.. take care yami..

  2. Erica | Uprinting

    Sorry to hear about that, I really hope she gets well. My family is prone to stroke so I know how hard it is to have someone close to you suffer with stroke. God Bless you and your family.

  3. Yami

    @Mylene and Clang, salamat sa dasal niyo. answered prayer na tayo, maayos-ayos na ang lagay ng nanay ko, pati bp niya nagno-normalize na. salamat talaga. 🙂


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