Minor Home Repairs

Having minor repairs done in the home, like updating to granite countertops or remodeling the children’s bedroom, for instance, need not burn a hole in your pocket if you know exactly where to look for supplies, as well as get the affordable manpower to get the job done for you.

For materials and supplies, check out those home depot outlets and warehouse sale instead of going to one of those hardware stores in the mall. That way you will not only have access to a wider array of products to choose from, you will also get a better deal for your money. And who knows you might even stumble into weekend sales and big discounts, too.

Meanwhile, for manpower requirements, why not commission your carpenter neighbor who is in between jobs at the moment to get the work done. He won’t cost as much like those advertized professionals but you can be sure he has the skills and the impeccable craftsmanship which are at par. You might even ask him to check out the aging hinges and do some minor work done with them for free!

You can also save money by cutting down on the amount of time you’re paying your carpenter neighbour by helping him with removal of the old waste materials with skip bags being relatively cheap to hire and by doing some of the clearance work yourself will help you save a little bit extra.

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