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You just started a business and you want to promote it uniquely. There are so many things that you can employ to promote your business. One inexpensive means to introduce your business is through business cards. You can leave your business card in places where potential clients are. Hence if your business is related to printing or Internet shop, a nice spot where you can leave your business card are parks, school ground, library and canteen. Make your business card presentable so it would standout from the rest. For easy recall, use catchy phrases and original logo design. And don’t forget the name of the person who operates or manages the business and his contact information.


4 thoughts on “Make your business known

  1. Eric Graham Reviewed

    Business cards is a very wise idea because you just give to the people you know or the ones which you think they’re potential buyers of your products.
    Hmm… How about wearing a t-shirt with the prints of your shop or business on it? Sounds interesting right? You may try it.


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