Make Peace With the Earth – Wear Wooden Pendants

These masculine pendants are not only cool to wear, they are also eco friendly. Put away the steel, metal, or flashy pendants of days gone by. Using and wearing natural wood is kinder for the earth and attracts attention because it has a fresh a new look. At City Locs our goal is to provide jewelry that is unique, expressive, and is fun to wear. Make a statement. Wear a wooden pendant.

Our designs cater to clients who know their sense of fashion and are not afraid to show it to the world. We strive to design products that are not found in a mall, department store, or other retail market. We offer jewelry that is created to be a one of a kind look. Best of all? Each wooden necklace sold in this line, was designed in California. The fact they are made in the United States of America, tells you the quality is superb.

Wooden jewelry allows the personality of the person who is wearing it to shine through. For those whose spirituality is a key factor in their life, choose the praying hands pendant. There is also a pendant of Jesus Christ. Let the world know what is important in your life.

Know a man who is a bit of a rebel? We have just the wooden pendent for him too. A wooden pit bull pendant, a wooden skull bandana, or an wooden Aztec pendant may be just the pick for him. Other wooden pendants designs are available as well at

One of the best features about our pendents is the size. No matter what the design, each pendant is 3 1/2 inches tall. They are meant to be noticed. The wooden jewelry will not get hidden by a shirt or a collar. Additionally, these pendants are worn on an attractive 32 inch wooden beaded neck chain. The beads on the chain compliment the wooden jewelry. This is a look you will love. Be ready to get compliments. People will ask you where they can get one too.

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