It’s back!


I thought I’d lost my other blog. I’m updating my sites in between completion of another job and while looking for an effective acne medicine (my pimples love me so much), when I noticed that my other blog is not accessible.  I was desperately connecting with the site, but I was redirected and landed on a weird site like the one in the picture. What could have happened? I hope the Internet connection was the culprit and has nothing to do with some unpleasant reason.  Despite the worries, I remain positive that I’ll recover the site. And I was right. It’s accessible now. Are you familiar with this kind of incident? Does this happen to you in the past? It made me nervous I swear.

4 thoughts on “It’s back!

  1. Mylene

    When you left a message regarding this mommy, I immediately check your site and it is accessible. I replied to your message asking you the exact error.

    I’m happy that it is okay now.

    1. Yami Post author

      @Mylene, it’s working now sis. actually, ‘di naman nagtagal na nagre-redirect pero nakaka-worry din. Thank you sis. 🙂

      Ngayon na lang ako ulit naka-reply sa mga blog messages, two straight nights kami puyat sa project. meron ulit dumating pero wala kaming idea sa budget, sana di kami lugi. 😀

  2. hitokirihoshi_kawaii

    hi po!

    i dont know kung applicable din sa problem ninyo or kung nagawa na yung site na binanggit nito. pero nung nangyaring nagkaganyan yung isang site ko.

    pagkapasok ko sa admin, ibinalik ko sa default yung permalink. yun po kasi ang advice sa akin ng isang blog angel ko.

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Hoshi. my site is ok now. baka sa connection lang kasi lately may problem sa globe especially after typhoon Basyang. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂


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