How to properly care for your HVAC system

If we want to stay cool during the summer months and warm during the winter we must learn to properly care for our HVAC systems. Luckily, caring for our HVAC system doesn’t require a lot of work. Instead, consistent maintenance is the best approach when it comes to your HVAC system. There are basic things that everyone can do to help keep their system running well.

Change the Filters
Technology has made it possible to purchase filters that are capable of filtering mold and a variety of other particles. This is a plus because filters like these improve the air quality in your home. However, beyond the type of filter that you use for your HVAC system, you should pay attention to how frequently you change the air filter. They should be changed monthly to avoid a heavy build up of dust and dirt or poor performance. Going long periods of time with a dirty air filter will deteriorate the air quality in your home and cause your HVAC system to work harder. Change your filter monthly and use an air filter that offers optimal filtration benefits if you can. This is easy to do. It will not require remodeling contractors san diego.

Call a Service Tech Annually
It’s a good idea to call your HVAC service tech yearly so that he or she can make sure that everything is running as it should. It’s a bad idea to neglect this step because a service tech can determine the condition of your system based on his or her skills and training. This will let them know if a part is about to wear out or if something vital needs to be replaced. A service tech will check both the exterior and interior of your unit to make sure everything is running well.

Keep it Tidy
As the seasons change it’s normal for leaves, dirt, and twigs to collect, especially around your HVAC unit. Periodically clear off the exterior of your HVAC system to make sure that nothing impedes its functioning. Dirt and other things can become stuck in the fan blades hampering movement. Periodically, make it a habit to check your unit and keep it free and clear of debris,

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your HVAC system running well. Make sure that you are changing your filter monthly. Keep the exterior of your system free and clear of debris, and have it serviced annually. If you can do these simple things your unit will run well and continue to keep you cool when it’s hot outside and warm during the cold winter months.

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