How Asphalt Construction Works

Asphalt construction involves more than just laying down the material and moving on. Several processes need to be accounted for to pave asphalt successfully. To learn more, continue reading this article and get a basic overview of the pavement process.

Asphalt paving will vary depending on the road and the type of traffic it will hold. Below are some of the common steps that are required when laying down asphalt.

  • The soil and terrain need to be evaluated before starting construction. In addition, paving contractors South Bend IN must be aware of the traffic volume that will be using the road.
  • Often the asphalt will be constructed on a thoroughfare that is currently in use. The contractors need to account for traffic control and the best way to proceed with construction. Contractors might close an entire highway or take a sectional approach to asphalt paving.
  • Contractors need to plan out the asphalt delivery system. For larger projects, construction crews need to have continuous loads of asphalt delivered from the factory, so there needs to be coordination between the plant and delivery crew.
  • A construction crew needs to clear out any large brush and other vegetation if a new road is being constructed.
  • For road repair projects, the old material needs to be removed.
  • Heavy equipment is brought in to grade the road properly. The road needs to be elevated in the center so rainwater and other condensation will drain off.
  • Once preparations are complete, the foundation needs to be installed. The design will vary depending on the ground quality and terrain.
  • The first layer of asphalt can be installed once the foundation is compacted. The number of layers depends on traffic and weather conditions for the area.

Installing asphalt is a process that requires engineering skills and knowledge of traffic and weather patterns. If your road is in poor condition, reach out to your municipality and start the repair process today.

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