House repair

Hubby and I have already commissioned someone to repair our ceiling in the living room, dining and kitchen area. We also plan to install a galvanized gate this month. The only reason that impedes these plans  from happening is the lack of budget. Until now we are still waiting for our “lady boss” to hand us  our payment for the translation job. She said we have to wait until Oct. 15 to transmit the payment from the head office.

We are also planning to paint the interior of the house and maybe purchase wood venetian blinds for our bedroom. The old venetian blinds has several missing slats and sometimes I worry that we are not safe from peeping toms lurking nearby.

The house repairman has left for La Union last Sunday to visit his family in the province and maybe look for another job there. The poor guy has been waiting for the project to start two weeks ago. Before he left he gave me his contact number so we could immediately call him when we have the materials ready.

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