Hell of a team: Henri Lloyd and Helly Hansen

Innovative design,durability, a history of good quality and name, well, you get this with Henri Lloyd jackets and pair that with Helly Hansen pants and you can brace the foulest of foul weather any where in the world.

Henri Lloyd has persevered for over fifty years. Founded by Henri Strzelecki, a decorated soldier, moving to North England and full of ideas, created a company that has stood strong, just like his standard but true Henri Lloyd jackets. 100 percent waterproof, streamlined with Blu-eco fabric for those who are environmentally savvy this is a jacket every outdoors man and woman should own.

Pair your Henri Lloyd jacket with another great, the Helly Hansen pants. Another amazing company with a 150 years of innovation in outdoor wear. Founded by a retired sailor, J. Helly Hansen, these Hansen pants are a classic through all times. Not only for the seaman but for any one braving the cold, snow and well, weather for any outdoorsy type. Also, 100 percent waterproof, lightweight and just plain comfortable you will be snow boarding down the slopes or sipping your tea on top of the mountain in sheer comfort.

Both of these companies are about innovative ideas and a commitment to quality, as well as their reputation to the people. They have used hand taping of their seams on both the Henri Lloyd jackets and the Helly Hansen pants. This small little detail waterproofs your jacket and pants and improves the quality and look, making your garment one above the rest.

Concerned about the environment and style? Well, Henri Lloyd jackets and Helly Hansen pants use recyclable fabrics and recycled products, this also makes them light weight and builds up their reputation for those of us who really care about the outdoors that we are working or playing in. There style is classic but with recyclables you get durability and reversibility, that’s right, you can reverse out your clothes changing it up and making it easy to pack.

These men were pioneers in their own right, they were out side working hard, playing hard, they knew what we wanted before we did. And they bring it to us in a way that fits our lifestyle and our budgets. Henri Lloyd and Helly Hansen are a hell of a team when paired together for those of us who just want to be on top of Everest or just plain outside in any weather of any kind! These innovative ideas will make you one above all the rest, isn’t that what makes them the best?

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