Girls Talk: Favorite Subject

When I was in elementary, I think my favorite subject was Filipino. When I entered high school I learned to appreciate the English, Science and History subjects more. I guess I developed a liking for each subject because the teachers handling them were the best  in the league.

I don’t really like numbers, but when required to choose two elective subjects in fourth year, I chose Journalism and then Statistics because the stat teacher during that time was the batch favorite.

4 thoughts on “Girls Talk: Favorite Subject

  1. Beauty Queen Gene

    for some reason, even though i loathe math, i enjoyed our statistics class during college. nadalian ata ako, e first time un ever na nadalian ako sa isang subject na puro numbers ang pinag-uusapan. ayun. hehe.

    journalism naman talaga. kaya naman bigatin tlga ang mare ko e. hihi *hugs*

    1. Yami Post author

      @Marce Kaye, maswerte tayo at magagaling stat teachers natin. 😀 Kaya journalism yung isang choice ko kasi math pa rin yung ibang natitirang elective. hehe


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