Fresh from Macau

My sister arrived from Macau last week. Her official vacation is scheduled on April 15, but had to take it ahead of time because our mother had a mild stroke. She will stay here for eleven days to take care of our mother and bond with her four kids. Since she is on emergency leave she wasn’t able to bring anything except a few pieces of her clothes and a bag-full of chocolates. 🙂
I hope we’ll have more time to catch up. She’s been away for nearly a year now. Before she leaves for Macau, I will also show her the picture of Cole Haan shoes that I’m requesting her to buy for my daughter. It’s better if I will give her the size of Naomi’s feet so it will be easier for her to find her exact size. My daughter needs a new pair of black leather shoes this coming school year. The design may be simple but it looks good on her feet. It appears comfortable to wear even on a daily basis. I’m thinking of buying a pair of Cole Haan flat shoes for myself. I hope to receive more assignments this month so I will have enough budget to buy the shoes that we want. 🙂


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