Easy steps to french braid your hair

My daughter is missing our former nanny (Yaya Analyn) not because she loves her more than me, but because she remembers the way she   braids her hair before she goes to school. It’s been three years since Analyn left us, but Naomi still mentions about the specific hair style she wants. She used to compare me with Analyn (in terms of fixing her hair) and it annoys me. Ok, I don’t know how to do french braid and the only hairstyle that I know is the simplest one called ponytail. My daughter wants to try a different hairstyle other than ponytail. So even if I’m searching for some files on disability insurance, I was able to search for this instructional video on how to do french braid. I think I can start from here. The steps seem easy to follow. Now, the only thing that I need is a cooperative model. But my daughter couldn’t be separated from her pencil and sketch pad!

One thought on “Easy steps to french braid your hair

  1. Stacy

    Truly believe the french braid is a timeless classic and can be worn at any age. One of my favorite braids is the skeleton braid, its very similar to the french braid with a modern twist.


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