Dream jeans

If there’s one bugbear that most ladies harbour it’s finding the perfect pair of jeans. Ironically, it’s usually the hardest wardrobe item to find as a good fit is difficult to achieve, but once the ideal pair has been found the confidence boost is immeasurable. And despite many ladies thinking that jeans just aren’t for them it’s not true. No matter their shape and size every woman can look great in jeans, you just need to know what style suits you best.

Curvy ladies should look for styles with a bit of stretch. Traditionally bootcut jeans balance out larger thighs, giving the illusion of balance. Coupled with this (as the name suggests) they look great with boots, meaning they are the ideal style for day to day wear all year round. However, bootcuts are easy to smarten up for the evening too, by adding a glamorous top and a smart blazer, meaning that for weekends away and holidays they save you from having to pack another pair of trousers for the evening.

For solely daytime wear boyfriend jeans suit most body shapes but look particularly good for petite wearers. Channelling a modern Audrey Hepburn in her capri pants and ballet pumps, boyfriend jeans, when rolled up at the ankle, look great with little canvas deck shoes for everyday comfort. Primarily a style that befits younger fashions, the slouchy jeans can also be contrasted brilliantly with a super sharp pair of stilettos when sipping on mixologist creations in Brick Lane.

If your thoughts are more towards babies than cocktails then sourcing the ideal maternity jeans should be a priority. Deciding between under the bump and roll top jeans is dependent on what style of tops you’ll be wearing and also the weather – if you’re going to be full term during the hot summer months roll top jeans could be too warm, as they add an extra layer over the bump. Luckily now most maternity clothes shops offer a range of styles so if you’re usually a fan of skinny jeans you don’t have to stop wearing them just because baby’s on the way. Visit a specialist maternity website such as Heavenly Bump for lots of ideas.

And let’s not forget those blessed with gorgeous slim, long legs. Although viewed as a blessing by everyone else, finding flattering jeans can seem tricky. This is where the joy of jeggings kicks in. Teamed with an oversized t-shirt and chunky ankle boots jeggings offer brilliant comfort and the illusion of legs that go on and on forever – which for those who are already leggy, is the perfect fit!

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