Considerations for Buying a Skateboard

Considerations for Buying a Skateboard

When looking to buy skateboard decks there are several factors that must be taken into account before any purchase. Beyond just the skill of the rider there are certain features unique to each board and manufacturer that should be looked at. The overall shape and curvature of the board can have big effects on its ride. Extreme curves at the tail and tip mean better pop with less effort from the rider. This can lead to easier kicks and jumps as well as tricks while in the air. Meantime the size of the board can affect how hard it is to grind or corner at high speeds. And the material used and method of construction dictates the strength and weight, which once again can greatly affect speed and trick abilities.

The best skateboard is one that properly balances all of these factors into a deck that provides not only a chance for great tricks with limited effort but also good speed and control as well as style. Chocolate skate decks have consistently been a popular choice among riders of all ages and skill levels because the company manages to do exactly this. The Chocolate skateboards are known as much for their durability as they are for the things they allow riders to accomplish. The decks have very unique shapes with rather extreme curves on both the tip and tail. The steep curves allow riders to pop up even from a standstill much higher than other boards. At top speed this means huge airtime to ollie over bigger obstacles and grind on taller rails.

These tricks would not be feasible if strength wasn’t also taken into account with the Chocolate-brand decks. Fortunately the company has also make their name on board strength. The decks are made from pure maple wood. It is an extremely dense hardwood used in these applications because of its resistance to splintering, cracking or splitting. Chocolate uses a 7-ply process where multiple layers of maple are secured together to form an extremely tough deck with just the right amount of give for comfortable control but enough strength for any hard landing.

The only gear that can properly supplement a skateboard deck such as this is a cool pair of sunglasses. They’ll keep reflections out of the rider’s eyes and provide some fashion that matches the bright designs on the deck itself. A pair like the Electric sunglasses provide several design and color options in a durable frame that will resist falls and stay in place during tough tricks. It’s the perfect way to complete a skateboarding gear package before hitting the streets or parks.


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