A job prospect in S.A.

My husband’s nephew is in Manila for a couple of weeks to process important travel and work documents for his job application in a government hospital in Saudi Arabia. He completed his nursing course and trained in Davao for two years. After his training he was lucky to find a prospective job on the Internet. He applied online and got a reply. He was asked to contact an accredited recruitment agency in Manila for possible deployment.

He may be leaving anytime soon because he already received the contract from his employer. He is just waiting for a few documents to complete all the requirements needed by his new job in the Middle East.

My kids and I only met my husband’s nephew last month. We’ve only seen him and his siblings through pictures posted on Facebook. I learned that he is a nurse through the nursing scrubs he is wearing in some of his pictures. I saw one or two pictures of him in blue scrub top. He looks neat in scrub clothing like the nurses I met in a private hospital recently.

Lately, I’ve notice that nursing uniforms have become a sort of fashion statement among nurses. Some people I know are wearing scub top even if they belong to a different profession.

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