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Discover the Natural Beauty of Southeastern Oklahoma

If Oklahoma brings to mind vast plains and grasslands, you might be surprised to learn about the existence of forests and mountains in southeast Oklahoma. A vacation to the region gives you an opportunity to get away from it all and get back to nature. Autumn visits are sure to please with fall foliage displays that rival those seen further east. Revive and unwind while hiking, paddling or fishing, then return to peaceful lodgings at Beavers Bend Resort Park cabins.

Hiking Trails

You will find a plethora of hiking trails in Beavers Bend State Park. While a majority of the trails are rated easy to moderate, the 8.6-mile Skyline Loop offers a challenge for more experienced hikers. Grab a trail map with ratings and reviews to find the perfect hiking paths for your trip, whether you are looking for a short, casual stroll or a heart-pumping full-day trek.

Kayaking or Canoeing

The clear, cool waters of the Mountain Fork River make it a perfect place for your kayak or canoe outing. Paddle your way through tall stands of trees and along rocky hillsides. Stop for a picnic and a snooze on the shores. You can find anything from 4-mile trips to multi-day expeditions for whatever floats your boat!


The 14,000-acre Broken Bow Lake is surrounded by the forested Kiamichi Mountains. The entire site is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, so you will be rewarded with unbroken views of natural beauty while out on a fishing boat excursion in the middle of the lake. Hire a guide to find the best locations to toss your line on this large body of water.

Eastern Oklahoma offers a beautiful setting for a quick getaway or a longer vacation. You will find plenty of outdoor activities to rejuvenate or relax. Set your sights on something new and plan your next holiday getaway to Broken Bow, OK.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

floyd pac

Image credit: My daughter and People’s Tonight, May 2, 2015 edition.

Battle for Greatness.

Boxing aficionados have waited 5 years for the match between boxing champions Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao to happen.

The most-awaited fight will be on May 2, 2015 (May 3 in Manila) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It will be a unification fight for WBA, WBC, and WBO.

We can express our support to our kababayan Manny Pacquiao via the website ONEFORPACMAN.

Good luck, Manny! We are proud of you!

Sporty daddy

My husband used to play lawn tennis and golf. He said playing lawn tennis is a lot cheaper than playing golf. He already has his own tennis racket, but with golf he needs to have a golf club set and pay exorbitant fee to be a member of a golf course club. He was able to play golf through his former officemates and friends, who also lend him golf clubs. He only shells out a minimal fee for the entrance at the golf club and for the cart use. They usually meet on weekends to play. Sadly, his playing buddies have transferred to other companies so hubby had to gradually quit playing golf and eventually lawn tennis.

tennis raket  (pen paper pan)

He still misses playing golf and lawn tennis as both sports actually helped him recover from some health issues in the past. He still has his lawn tennis racket at the office and he hopes to teach the kids one day. A tennis racket at Zalora costs more than P1,000 these days. But it’s actually cheaper compared to other brands sold at the mall. We can secure two more rackets when the kids are ready to play.