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Work from home opportunities

Originally published at Job Opportunities for the Stay-at-Home Mom.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who would like to add to the family’s income, there are plenty of online jobs that could put anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in your pocket each month. With the economy in its current state, a second income could add to your family’s feeling of security. You could make money in your spare time while you continue to stay at home with your children by using the internet.

work at home mom

Many companies from retail stores to automotive insurance providers are hiring customer service representatives to work from home. These telecommuting positions would involve the stay-at-home mom receiving phone calls that are routed to their home and helping the customer on the end of the line. Sometimes, they’ll have a question about a product or service. At other times, they may need assistance navigating the company’s website.

Virtual assistants are in high demand. Many people can’t afford a full-time secretary, but could use someone to handle appointment setting and paperwork. A virtual assistant usually provides these types of services for several people on a part-time basis. Most communication is done through email with the rare phone call. Virtual assistants rarely meet their clients in person.

Freelance transcription services are also growing in popularity. Information is recorded and transferred to the transcriptionist’s computer through the internet. The transcriptionist listens to the recording and creates a written copy.

The beauty of these jobs is that most of them will allow you to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home. While the kids are napping or off at school, you could be making a little pocket money for your family’s next vacation or to pay off that extra bill. Although the examples listed here are popular ways to make extra money at home, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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My first Google Adsense payment


After 48 years er 4 years, I finally received my first payment from Google Adsense. I went to the nearest Western Union branch in our area upon receiving the MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number from Google. It took me only a few minutes to get the cash. I just filled out some documents, presented two IDs and the MTCN number to the WU staff and it’s done. I hope my next transaction (hopefully not another four years) will also be hassle-free like this one.

Just a few dollars short

I’m counting the weeks before I finally get my first ever payment from Google Adsense. If I may recall, it was in 2009, the same year when I set up my first personal blog that I started earning as ad publisher. Now, after four long years, I will be able to reach the payment threshold. I’m just hoping that I won’t encounter any problem similar to payment hold or worse cancellation of account. I heard sad stories from friends who experienced problem with their account. And then there are happy stories of those who regularly receive their checks from Google Adsense. I will be happy to share my own experience with you once I get the check.

Work at home benefits

I’ve made a little accounting this morning and discovered that I’ve earned more than P200,000 already or more than $5000 since 2010. This amount came from one online company alone. The online earning has helped me and my family in so many ways. I was able to help my husband pay our bills, kids’ tuition, and bought personal effects and some stuff for our house. It’s not much compared to others who earn from their regular jobs, but I’m happy that I contribute something for the family expenses. This job doesn’t require me to leave home and allow me to work in my own pace. I also enjoy little things that I used to do when I was still working.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Blogging is a fantastic thing to get into. Connecting with the amazing people out there in the blogosphere and making new friends around the world can make it worthwhile in and of itself. But most people who start a blog are also hoping to earn some extra income from it.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an “A-list” blogger with a million readers to do this; all you need is a dedicated group of readers who believe in what you’re selling (whether it’s a product or a message). Be genuine, be unique, deliver content that will have them coming back for more…then consider adding on the following “monetization” techniques to cash in on your relationship with your readers:

        Create an ebook. If you blog about frugality, healthy living, or any other topic people are searching for guidance on, you can write a book and get it in front of your potential readers in a way that was never before possible. All you need to create an ebook is word processing software, the ability to turn your document into a PDF, and a way to collect money (such as a PayPal account). This kind of monetization is great because it’s “passive income”—once you’ve written the book and set up your payment arrangements, you just sit back and collect the profit as people buy your ebook and it’s delivered straight to their inboxes.

Tried and true ways of turning a blog into a book include compiling and revising your most popular posts, writing a how-to guide for issues faced by your readers, or creating a workbook people can work through.

        Offer a service. If you blog because you love writing, you could offer freelance writing and editing services. If you blog about finding your motivation in life, you could offer coaching services. Whatever your passion is, if people are already coming to your blog to read about it, chances are that some of them will be willing to pay you for extra help and guidance. So as long as people are visiting your blog anyway, why not put up a “hire me” page?

        Use your blog to promote your business. Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, or an Etsy artist, a blog can be a great way to introduce people to your business. Customers these days are inundated with so many options when it comes to purchasing anything—but if you’ve already become a trusted friend and resource for them through your blog, you’re going to be on the top of their list when they’re in need of whatever services you offer.

Just make sure that your blog doesn’t turn into one big sales page—you want to write on topics that your potential customers will find interesting and entertaining, not use every blog post to write about how great your products and services are. That will just turn them off.

        Affiliate sales. Lots of bloggers jump to load their sites up with things like Google AdSense, but unless you get a lot of traffic, you won’t be getting rich with these kinds of ads—and they have to potential to turn off your readers if you clutter up your site too much. You’re better off participating in affiliate programs, where you recommend a product (like your favorite blogger’s ebook), and if someone buys it through your link, you get a percentage. Many bloggers have affiliate programs for their products, or you can sign up for Amazon Associates and get a percentage of any product purchased on Amazon through your link.

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