My online source of income

A fellow mommy blogger once asked me where I find my opps or blog opportunities to be precise. I was once like her when I was just starting so I shared with her the companies and websites that offer opportunities for bloggers by writing reviews and more. At the moment, I accept assignments from the following popular companies:

Blogsvertise, PayU2Blog, Reviewme, SponsoredReviews

I wish I could tell the other sites but some companies are kind of jealous seeing a competitor’s link/name here. Anyway, I also accept assignments from direct advertisers. Lately, I was one of the lucky bloggers who got assignments from Pehpot. Thanks Marce! Even if I don’t have an EON card yet, I still get to enjoy my online earnings by buying stuff for my kids and hubby. However, I really wish to apply for an EON card soon so I could encash my hard earned money and help hubby pay for phone and utility bills that pile up every 30th of the month. 🙁

If you wish to earn like me you may check out and sign up to the companies that I’ve mentioned above. I wish you good luck. Hope you’ll receive your first assignment soon and spend your earnings wisely. 🙂

MYM – Yellow flower

I’m so proud and happy that a lot of friends take notice of my daughter’s color painting. Aside from landscape she also draws human faces too. I will share her recent drawing in my next post.

Some of my friends are wondering if my daughter had attended art classes before. I told them she has yet to attend one. My daughter learns to draw and paint on her own. She reads art books and research for reference photos as often as she can.

Another friend is encouraging her to join contest to hone her talent and give her more confidence in herself and her abilities.

Thanks to all of you who appreciate my daughter’s talent.  🙂

I’m sharing this photo again for