Hobby photography for stay at home mommies

Just because you’re a mom who spends almost every waking, and sleeping, hour at home, doesn’t mean you have no opportunity for personal growth.

Photography, the basic type, is a good choice for somebody like you. With a simple point-and-shoot camera, you can beautifully capture snapshots of your daily life with your kids. Those pictures need not be overly ostentatious. Just shoot away around your house or backyard. With the power of photography, any subject can switch from mundane to exciting.

There are many options for you to make the most of whatever little free time you may have at home. You do need to take a break from doing the dishes and the laundry, you know.

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Drawings then and now


Drawings then


My daughter’s drawing of Cloe, her favorite Bratz member. She drew this when she was eight years old.

One of her drawings now:


Her latest drawing is the sketch of little Paris Jackson. Partly hidden in the upper left corner of her sketch pad was her reference photo, a black and white picture of Paris.


Paris Jackson

My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.