How To Keep Your Pet Bird Happy and Healthy

If you have a pet bird, then you don’t need to be told what special and fascinating companions they make. Birds are intelligent and inquisitive. They can be incredibly affectionate and loving as well. However, the sheer uniqueness birds bring to the table can really leave less experienced bird owners guessing as to how best to care for their feathered friends. Make sure your beautiful avian companion stays, happy, healthy, and well-adjusted with the following tips. 

Keep His Cage Stimulating 

Although it would be nice to be near your bird at all times, you’re naturally going to have to go out and live your life at some point. Your bird’s going to be spending that time in his cage, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a comfortable and engaging enough that he doesn’t actually mind too much. Start by making sure the cage is actually built to house a bird that’s the same size and species as your pet so there’s plenty of room.

Birds really like to play and keep their minds busy as well, so make sure you fill the cage with plenty of perches, mirrors, and other entertaining toys. For best results, buy a variety of different items and rotate them to keep things fresh and interesting for your pet. Birds will quickly become bored with environments that never change or offer anything new.

Feed Him a Tasty, Balanced Diet

Every living creature needs good quality nourishment to stay in the pink of good health, and your bird is no exception. Of course, your pet should be fed seeds and bird pellet products that are appropriate for his age and breed but don’t stop there. Most veterinarians and avian experts recommend also adding delicious fresh produce to your bird’s diet. Not only does this ensure he’s getting plenty of nutritious, wholesome food to eat, but this is another way to keep your bird happy and stimulated.

You’ll also want to monitor your bird for signs of illness or parasites. Like humans, birds often seem listless or depressed when they’re not feeling well. When birds have parasites, they often show signs of intestinal distress like weight loss and diarrhea. If you notice signs of worms or other parasites, you can buy bird worming products at Vet Products Direct, as well as other avian medicines. When in doubt though, a trip to the vet definitely never hurts. 

Socialize With Your Bird

Pets are just like people and children in that social interaction is a very important factor in their overall wellbeing. However, it’s especially important when you’re dealing with exotic animals (like parrots) that can easily feel out of their element in the average home. Regular handling and frequent interaction with you or other members of your household is the best way to make sure your bird’s social, emotional, and mental needs are well taken care of. 

How much social interaction is ideal for the average pet bird? An hour or two is a really good benchmark to shoot for, but many birds are incredibly social and would love the chance to spend even more time with you. If you work long hours or otherwise find it hard at times to spend as much time as you’d like with your bird, you can always consider getting another bird or two as well. They’ll keep each other from getting lonely on days you can’t be around as much as you’d like.

Few pets will provide the joy, companionship, and stimulation a bird will, but special pets definitely have special needs that have to be considered. How do you make sure your fine feathered companion absolutely loves his life?

What’s with the aquarium

My teenage son spends most of his time arranging his aquarium. He is not contented with the plant or the number of fish in it. He regularly adds fish and other accessories to beautify it. He’s maintaining the aquarium for several months now and seems to know different kinds of fish fit for aquarium management. If he owns a guitar, he would probably know parts of a guitar. Today, he removed the plants and pebbles and replaced them with stones and drift wood. I hope he does not get bored with its present setup or I might be seeing a different arrangement in a day or two.

Fun games to play on your time off

If you are on your day off to look after the children, work part-time, or just generally want a way to pass the time, these top five fun games are great to play on your time off. With a wide array of online game categories, it is sometimes difficult to decide on what to play but this list should help you in making the right decision!


1. Words with Friends can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or play online on Facebook. This take on the popular game of Scrabble allows you to battle cross-platform against friends and as it is linked to your online game, it means you can get that triple word score whilst on-the-go. You score is only revealed after playing your move meaning you have to be careful not to miss out on a triple word score which could cost you your crown as king or queen of Words with Friends.


2. Whether you are looking for arcade games, live casino games or Vegas slots, games has it all. You can go from game to game finding your own personal favourites and whilst enjoying them, you get the added bonus that you may actually win some money in your free time. The improved social aspect of online casinos means that you can interact with other players making this a much more social and interactive way to spend your gaming time. An added bonus is that you are able to try the games out for free before you decide to play for money, meaning you can practice until near perfect and discover the most suited game for you.


3. Candy Crush Saga is a new take on the classic and all-time favourite, Bejewelled; however, Candy Crush Saga, which is available on smartphones and Facebook, will take you to near breaking point. You will often find yourself being stuck on a level for weeks or even months whilst seeking help from a number of online forums with help and tips on how to complete the level. This sense of community felt by some frustrated gamers who groan at the latest challenging level only to post one month later with elation at having completed it, gives the feeling of, ‘we are all in this together’. The difficulty of this game is one of its addictive characteristics and brings out your competitive side as you can post on your friend’s Facebook wall when you beat their score on a specific level.

4. An extremely popular and fun game to play in your time off is FarmVille 2. After first starting out, you will be wondering what all the fuss is about, but soon you will find yourself constantly checking just to make sure your beautiful farm is thriving. A huge improvement on FarmVille 1, you can help friends who can in turn return the favour and you can watch as your farm, grows, develops and prospers in this easy to play yet extremely addictive game.

5. Angry Birds Friends brings an extra aspect to the competition as you face off against friends to become the top of your friends’ leader board. This world famous online game which is also available through the Google and Apple App Stores is a physics-based game. If you have not played this game before, now is the time to start as you use the abilities of different birds to destroy the pigs’ defences. Although this might sound like child’s play it certainly isn’t as each level offers a new challenge requiring logic, skill and power to overcome them.

A huge advantage of the above games is that you can play them whilst on the move meaning you can take them with you out of the office or home. Play the games above for an enjoyable, addictive and challenging experience, while feeling a sense of achievement once you have completed a level. The new integration of online games with in-play chat forums or linking it to your social media account, means that gaming has become a much more social affair and a new way to interact with friends and family.