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Repost: Sweet gestures


Hubby is not the demonstrative type. But it doesn’t mean he isn’t sweet.  We hold hands when we are watching TV in the living room or when we are traveling. Sometimes he would massage my back if I request (demand) for it. 😀 He would give me a pat on the back (as if saying kaya mo yan, hehe) when I’m washing the dishes or preparing the table. He would give me water or juice if I’m busy with something. I request him to assist me in certain task at home without complain and lately he does most of the tasks by himself especially when he knows that I’m rushing an assignment. That’s how my husband made me feel special although there are times I tend to overlook his kind gestures. On my part, I’m showing my affection by giving him a peck on the cheek or a smack. I would like to embrace him kahit na sobrang init ng panahon. I’m not sure if that’s trying to be mushy or what. But that’s what I am even to my kids. I like to kiss and embrace them when I have the chance to do it. When I’m in the mood I would give hubby a back and head massage, mix his favorite juice drink, and if time permits cook him his favorite Sinigang na ulo ng isda sa miso with matching kalamansi and sili for sawsawan. He loves that dish.


Cellphone shot

That’s how plain and simple we express ourselves as a couple, but most importantly we never forget to say I love you when we go to sleep at night and before ending our conversation on the phone. This is my cheesy post for Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Have a sweet and memorable celebration with your loved ones! 🙂


We have been married for 17 years and up to this very day we still share the same ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’.

Nothing much has change except that we both grow lots of grey hair and looks a little older, too. But those physical changes are inevitable, what is important is that we never get tired of loving and caring for each other no matter how many years (and marital conflicts) go by.

I’m re-sharing this sweet meme for couples from way back 2010.

Our Dislikes

  • We don’t like crowded room/area, thus we’re not fond of attending big gatherings unless demanded by our respective jobs.
  • We don’t like loud people. But hubby managed to live with a nagging wife, just kidding.
  • We don’t like smokers and rowdy neighbors (both present in the billiard shop operated by our neighbor).
  • We are allergic to unexpected expenses…
  • He likes to read (Internet, newspaper) while I have yet to find time to finish the book that I started reading last summer.
  • He was kind of nagging me before because I spend more time in front of the computer, but when we started shopping online using the money I earned from blogging, he is thinking of helping me write my pending assignments. Am I seeing a future blogger in my husband? Not bad.

We agree on so many things

  • We both like to dine out especially when I was still working; we love spicy food.
  • We enjoy watching movies then, now we find comfort in watching DVDs at home.
  • We used to like shopping for clothes when we have extra cash. It’s difficult to kick the old habit, but we manage to satisfy our cravings for clothes at Ukay-Ukay or bargain shops.
  • We both like a small family. We are like supporting a two-child policy (if there will be).
  • We enjoy holding hands before we go to sleep. We enjoy it as much when we are riding a bus while taking a cat nap on our way to work.
  • He is goal-oriented while I’m a little laid-back. But we share the same dream of having a comfortable life. By that we mean living a debt-free life and have something in our pocket in times of need.
  • We are both looking forward to spending the next 17 or more years of our lives together as husband and wife. It’s our wedding anniversary today!

Happy Anniversary, hon! I love You forever and beyond…

Couple’s Corner: A good son

This is a repost. My husband has not seen his parents for a long time, but he sees to it that he calls them on special occasions. He shares to our kids how his Tatay and *Nanay as parents and how well they taught each one of the eight kids the values of Christian living. They were poor in material possession, but never in spirit. They read the bible as a family and goes to church regularly. My husband even joined and won a Bible Exposition at age 10. No wonder hubby grew up to be a good person. As a dad, hubby is not a strict one. Sometimes he has the tendency to spoil the children. Nevertheless, he sets a good example to our kids by being a responsible person, Dad and husband to me.

*My mother-in-law passed away last year due to a lingering illness.

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