Importance of stickers to promote business

Many businesses overlook the powerful marketing opportunity that can come from choosing custom stickers. Although these small branded messages can sometimes disappear into the immediate surroundings, they also continue the circulation of a business’ name and logo image. Here are some reasons to consider using this small marketing tool to expand the reach of your business.


Perhaps expensive marketing is not a line item in your business budget. This does not mean that you should consider avoiding marketing altogether. Instead, it means you will have to be creative enough to find marketing tactics that cost little to no money. Stickers give you this advantage. In most cases, you can purchase them in bulk and save money. The cost of production is typically a low price point, and companies pass these savings on to their customers.


You cannot often predict where your stickers will land. People tend to think of these small items as ideal promotional items for car bumpers and coffee mugs. There are drivers who make an art of displaying a witty message on the backs of their cars. When stickers have a company logo, tagline or image, they can end up in many other places. Customers and company visitors place them on their clothing, notebooks, laptop bags, portfolios, jackets and many other places. This means that your company message will spread far and wide.


After a sticker is flashed many times to a public audience, it may become quite recognizable. As people begin seeing a sticker image repeated, its popularity factor increases. Before long, everyone is clamoring for a sticker of their own, whether they understand the products and services or not.

You should never underestimate the power of small stickers to help your company branding. An affordable, small gesture, it can keep others talking and inquiring about what you offer as a product or service. Once you have solid brand protocols in place, it is a good idea to start spreading your good image in your local and regional community. This helps potential customers find you easily and lets the world know that you have permanently hung out your shingle for business.

Custom Bags to Make the World Greener

When you think about bags to use for your shopping trip, most people will think about those from the stores that are made from cheap flimsy plastic. However, if you are still getting those plastic bags from the stores to carry your grocery, when you are done with your shopping, you will be guilty of polluting our planet. Most people will not think twice about throwing those plastic bags away, one they reach home, and start unpacking their groceries. Everyone has done this before, but this practice has to change, if we want to make the world a greener place to live in.

Custom Earth Promos has pet bags, which anyone can use when they are going shopping. They look great, come in different sizes, and they can be reused any number of times. The best advantage that you might not even know about is the fact that you will not be using any more plastic bags. The problem with those bags is that burning them causes more pollution to be released into the air. Since they cannot be burned, they are left to rot in landfills instead, but because they are not biodegradable, they will last thousands of years in the ground.

If you are interested in bags that reduce the carbon footprint that you are leaving behind, you will be able to find more here like bamboo bags, which you can start using the minute you get them. They not only look great, but if you decide to throw them away to get a new one, you can rest assured that they will not harm the planet, as they are made from materials that can be broken down. Once they have been degraded, the materials that they are used from actually acts as a fertilizer, which helps the environment.

Start going green today, by choosing the right bag that catches your eye. Bring these bags to do your normal shopping reduce the amount of bags that you need to take from the store, and at the same time helps the planet. Looking great as you go about doing your shopping is a byproduct, which many people don’t mind. People might start stopping you to ask where you purchased those bags. Feel free to start spreading the green word, and do your part for the world today.