Cyber shopping

Most work at home moms I know are shopping through online stores. It is very convenient to place your order and you don’t have to shell out cash. It’s a good thing there are online money transfer to pay for the things you buy. Have you tried online shopping yet?

For the new and regular cyber shoppers you may want to check out that offers Black Friday deals. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year after Thanksgiving in the US. If you are looking for gift items it could be your one stop shop for discounted items.

Cyber Monday sale

I realized there are different terms coined for big shopping days in the US such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I was never familiar with any of these terms until recently. Cyber Monday is the Monday that comes after Thanksgiving. It is one of the busiest shopping days for dealers and retailers. Black Friday, on the other hand, is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year according to retailers.

Thanksgiving in the US is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, this year the occassion will fall on the 25th.

If you haven’t completed or started your Christmas shopping yet (like me), better mark these important days in your calendar so you can grab the best deals online. Cyber Monday is offering a 70 percent discount on the season’s hottest deals in electronics, computers, games, toys, DVDs, and jewelry. I’m sure you can plan and still make changes in your Christmas list before the big online sale happens.

Certified online shopper

I’m a certified online shopper now. Thanks to my ever reliable paypal account. Since I haven’t applied yet for an eon card to withdraw my paypal money, I thought of using my virtual savings to buy the things that we can’t buy with cash at the moment. Last month, hubby bought a pair of rubber shoes and two cellphone units to replace the old and malfunctioning units that we are using. Those were our first online purchase using my paypal account. Last week, we bought two pairs of rubber shoes for the kids. They have been using sneakers for their P.E. subject for a long time. I also bought hubby a new pair of pants. It’s been ages since he last bought a pair from the department store. The last shopping we made was from an Ukay-ukay (pre-owned) store. Today, I’m waiting for the delivery of the backpack and two caps for the kids. There’s little money left in my account. But I feel satisfied knowing that my hard-earned money is being put to good use.

One thing I noticed about online shopping is that it’s a little habit forming. Why did I say this? You know how important time is to a stay-at-home mom right? Instead of spending my free time to complete the review on best diet supplements, I find myself checking (again) for apparel on my favorite online store. I haven’t bought anything yet and will not do so until after a couple of months of saving up again. From your personal experience, don’t you feel excited shopping at the click of a mouse?