Counting the days

Kids are counting the days before Christmas not because of the gifts they are expecting to receive from their Ninangs and Ninongs, but they are looking forward to a longer Christmas break ahead.

Me, I’m counting the days to lose more pounds before Christmas. I’m afraid to pack on the pounds again this Yuletide season. To gain weight again makes me anxious. (I can feel my heart beating fast like someone has set up a Smokey Amp Amplifiers inside.) The only way to counter my fear is an intense workout after every food trip (gathering).

I’m also planning to buy a two-inches smaller pair of jeans next month. Isn’t that a good self-motivation? 🙂

Surprise them with flowers

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday. What plans do you have for your husband or Dad? I think they will be delighted to receive flowers. Why not surprise them with a bunch of lovely flowers. You may order flowers online as it is hassle free. You don’t have to personally visit a flower shop to buy them. You can place your order online and your merchandise will be delivered straight to your doorstep.




Here are some of my personal choices for flowers or plants that you can give to the most important man in your life.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and soon to be Daddies out there! Enjoy your day!:)

Make it crafty

A dear friend of yours will be married in a couple of months and you don’t have any idea what to give her on her wedding day. You start to look around for personalized wedding gift, but afraid you won’t be able to stretch you budget up to the last cent. Why not invite your friends and work on a DIY or Do-it-yourself project without breaking your piggy bank. Who knows this little project can bring out your and your friends’ crafty side. You can get inspiration on the internet for your project.