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Why Use a Midwife? You Might Be Surprised

The word “midwife” is ancient and is derived from an old English word that literally translates to “with women.” If you get images of a medieval wise-woman giving herbs to a heavily pregnant woman, you’re only half-right. Yes, midwives are widely recognized as delivery-women in at-home births, but the truth is that the roles of a midwife tampa have evolved over the years.

Women’s Health Specialist

Midwives are certified professionals that are required to have licenses in the state in which they practice. Though bringing babies into the world is a huge part of a midwife’s job, did you know that they also specialize in overall women’s health? You don’t have to be pregnant to see a midwife; they are available if you need a pelvic exam or even a simple checkup. 

  • Education varies in the field, though all midwives are required to have a certification as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Midwives who are certified as a nurse-midwife have a dual degree in nursing as well as midwifery. 
  • Women are able to visit midwives from their teenage years through menopause. Midwives are more likely to spend extra time with their patients than doctors answering questions and discussing concerns. They can help you through the entire process, from helping you to get pregnant to doing your well-woman exam in the years to come.
  • Though nurse-midwives are able to prescribe medications, more holistic approaches are typically taken when you visit a midwife. For example, they might focus on nutrition and exercise before prescribing a medication.

Whether you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant or are simply looking for a more natural approach to medicine, consider looking into a midwife in your area. The practice of midwifery is as old as women themselves; there’s a reason that the profession has lasted this long.

The Benefits of a Pharmacy IVR System

There are countless benefits to using software inside of a pharmacy. Implementing a pharmacy IVR system can provide you with a greater level of control so that you can operate more efficiently. Understanding the benefits will show you why it’s worth the investment.

Handle Refills More Efficiently

Most prescriptions that people need to have require refills. When you implement an IVR system, you can handle refill requests electronically. Further, you can take advantage of electronic prescribing. It allows people to have a higher level of convenience when working with your pharmacy.

Provide More Details

The labels provided on all of the products should have as much information as possible. This includes allergy and drug interaction warnings. If you have patients who speak a language other than English, you can have codes in other languages. This ensures that all of your patients are well aware of the medication that they are taking and how it may interact with other drugs.

Patient Profiles

You can make it easier for patients to interact with your pharmacy. This includes providing your patients with an interactive screen where they can learn about prescriptions that are due for refills as well as any expired prescriptions that they may need to talk to their doctor about. It will make it easier for you to track prescriptions as well as to take care of billing to insurance companies on behalf of your patients.

You should always strive for success. Using the right software package will help you to be more competitive as well as more profitable. Many pharmacies are already implementing new technology. Patients will be more likely to stay with you if they know that you are working to provide them with new solutions.