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How To Maintain Your Yard

Your yard is an important part of your home, but in the busyness of life, it can sometimes get neglected. You mow your lawn, of course, but you might procrastinate about other important maintenance tasks.

Your Trees and Bushes

If they aren’t trimmed regularly, your trees and bushes can end up looking overgrown and even cease to thrive. Cut away broken and dead limbs. Prune and shape bushes. Inspect your plants for harmful insects, and examine the overall health of your trees and bushes. If anything looks strange or suspicious, call in a professional for an expert opinion.

Photo by Omri D. Cohen on Unsplash

Your Fences

You might not even look at your fences very often, for they are just part of your landscape. Therefore, you may not notice if they need painting or repairs. As part of your yard maintenance, take a good look at your fences. If they are wood, consider adding a coat of paint, and patch or replace broken areas. If they are chain links, fix broken links and bend twisted ones back into place. Sand away rust spots, too, and apply a coat of rust protection.

Your Sprinklers

If you have a sprinkler system in your yard, this, too, requires regular maintenance. Check your sprinkler system for clogs, leaks and obstructions, and make sure that sprinklers are aimed properly to avoid wasteful run-off. If your sprinklers are not working well or if you are having trouble with repairs, hire a company that specializes in sprinkler system maintenance Newport MN to get your system working efficiently again.

Your Driveway and Sidewalks

Finally, inspect your driveway and sidewalks. If there are cracks, you might be able to fix them yourself, or you can hire a professional if you don’t feel up to the task. You should also pull weeds from around your paved areas, and wash your driveway and sidewalks.

While all these tasks take time, they are well worth the effort to keep your yard well maintained and looking great.

The 3 Critical Lawn Care Tips All Homeowners Need To Know About

Has your lawn been looking dry, ragged, or unruly lately? If your lawn isn’t in the best shape but you’re not sure how to nurture it back to health, you may want to brush up on your essential lawn care skills. Taking care of your lawn may be simpler than you realize – simply follow these three critical care tips to get back on the right path.

Photo by Ronnie George on Unsplash

1. Keep Your Lawn Well-Watered To Ensure a Green Appearance

If your lawn has appeared unusually brown or dry in recent weeks, it may need some watering. Part of looking after your lawn turf Kissimmee FL is monitoring the lawn’s hydration status to ensure a consistently green appearance. You may be able to install sprinklers to automatically water your lawn.

2. Pull Out Weeds and Clear Out Debris Every Fall

Weeds and yard debris can present a serious problem for keeping your lawn in good health. Before winter weather hits, it’s important to take the time to prep your lawn. This means you may have to:

  • Rake the leaves throughout the fall
  • Pull out any and all garden weeds
  • Clear out fallen tree branches and other debris
  • Remove yard decorations before the first snowfall

3. Consider Putting In Some Landscaping

After you’ve taken care of the lawn care basics, you may want to go a step further and improve the look of your yard by putting in some landscaping. For instance, you may choose to clear out part of your lawn for:

  • Mulch
  • Stone walkways
  • Wooden arches
  • Flower patches
  • Mini fruit and vegetable gardens

When your lawn is looking dull or dry, going back to basics could help you nurture the turf back to health. Make sure you keep the lawn well-watered, pull out weeds, clear out debris, and consider putting in landscaping to bring your lawn back to a vibrant and healthy appearance.

Landscaping in a Dry Climate

Outdoor spaces are essential for bringing us close to nature. Being in a green space has a positive effect on our health and psyche. When you live in a dry climate or are going through a drought, it can be challenging to maintain the plants you love. Fortunately, there are some tips for landscaping when you don’t have access to an ever-flowing source of water.


Xeriscaping is the art of creating a pleasing outdoor space that doesn’t require water from irrigation. In this kind of design, you’ll empty plants that are native to the region, so they are accustomed to the soil and levels of rainfall. Lawns typically cannot exist in xeriscaping, but gravel and native grasses take its place. There’s a peacefulness to a landscape designed with xeriscaping in mind. There’s no concern about watering or protecting from frost or pests.

Artificial Turf

If you’re someone who loves the way a green lawn makes you feel, consider investing in synthetic turf. It may cost you upfront, but the amount of time and money you will save on maintenance will be worth the initial price. Artificial turf Thousand Oaks has some great examples. It is so realistic now; you really can’t tell the difference unless you inspect it.


Permaculture is a way to design your outdoor space, so there is no energy loss. Many of you have heard of companion planting. When you plant corn an beans next to each other, the nutrients one plant puts in the soil, the other plant uses, and vice versa. This idea can be applied to your whole home and yard if done correctly. For irrigation needs, you can harvest rainwater or install a gray water system.

Just because you live in the desert or are experiencing a drought does not mean you can’t have a beautiful garden!