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Our favorite part of the holiday season


The kids love the decorating part of the holiday season. While they anticipate opening their presents on Christmas day, they also look forward to decorating every year. They are excited about hanging some Christmas ornaments and a few Christmas lights in the living room. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in a long time so this year we are planning to buy a small one. We may also put up some Christmas wreath and stockings which the kids plan to make from scratch. The kids are also thrilled to decorate their rooms this weekend. I wonder how an exciting g&l comanche would look inside my boy’s room.

How about you what is your favorite part about the holidays?

Christmas package


Chocolate berries in stylish gift boxes

Hubby and I used to receive big baskets of groceries including corporate chocolate gift from my previous company (PJI). Aside from that, we also get gift certificates (GCs) from different advertisers. Instead of cash, advertisers pay PJI with GCs for the advertisement published in three newspapers such as People’s Journal, People’s Tonight, People’s Taliba and Women’s Journal. The management used these GCs as gift or as payment for delayed allowances of employees.

GCs and chocolate gifts are good, but the employees need cash, especially their 13th month pay.

Positive thoughts

There are only a few days remaining in 2010 and I still have pending assignments to finish including htc desire reviews – it’s about reviews and commentaries on the latest model of gadgets like cellphones in the market.

Despite the workload, I’m entertaining positive thoughts to attract positive things to happen to me, my family, and friends. As for work, my lady boss, the one who gave our biggest project this year, is anticipating another project in 2011. I will be praying for that one to happen soon.

As for everyone including my dear friends in the blogging world, I wish you all a blessed, peaceful and prosperous New Year!! 🙂