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Thank You for All the Christmas Gifts

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

We are always on the receiving end of gifts. And we are more than thankful for the blessings coming our way from family, friends and other people who or who may not know us. Despite 2020 being a tough year for everyone, there are people who go out of their way to help and share their blessings to others. I’m truly happy for that.

Sharing some of them here to show how much we appreciate them. Thank you!!

SunnyHill Cakes (pineapple and mango) from my former editor.
Christmas gift package from my daughter’s employer.
Excellent products from my H’s friend.
Vitamin C supplement from our niece.
Maschibog’s Homemade Premiums from my long time friend and D’s ninang.
Sushi bake and baked spaghetti from our niece.

May all our families and friends thrive, happy and healthier this 2021 and beyond! I’m also claiming more job opportunities for all of us.

Meantime, while we are waiting for the vaccine to help ease the health crisis, let us stay safe and follow health and safety protocols for everybody’s sake. Cheers!!

Virtual Toast for the Holidays

Despite repeated warnings by health experts, many continuously violate the health and safety protocols of Covid19. We have seen people posting on social media big gatherings of family members with their relatives and friends outside their home on Christmas Eve.  

Face to face parties outside the immediate household is prohibited this holiday season. Listening to the warnings of experts can save our lives and those of our loved ones from being infected by the virus. By staying safe and healthy is the best gift we can offer those who are dear to us.

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

On New Year’s Eve, please do not invite your relatives and friends from any physical parties. There is too much at stake if you hold an activity outdoors. Why not invite them to a zoom party and toast virtually. People are doing this worldwide. I think virtual party is more fun and does not require you to dress up and prepare a lot of food on the table. Let’s be patient please. We have been in this situation for several months now; let’s wait for a few more until the vaccine reaches our soil.

Even with the dramatic turn of events, let us claim a better 2021 for everyone.  Happy holidays and please stay safe.

Let’ have a virtual toast for a healthier life in 2021!