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Cornhole Decals Enhance Game

NFL cornhole decals are among those that make the game more interesting, both for more to look at but also as more to cheer for as competitors attempt to win. This adds to the fun of the unique game of Cornhole, also known as Corntoss, that originated in the Mid-West many years ago and continues to become more popular nationwide. It is almost a “ritual” at tailgating and other parties and barbecues.

Decals of all kinds are an excellent way to customize the boards. Their size of 17 inches is ideal to do the decorating as you choose from a vast selection of logos in various categories including those that show your support of your favorite NFL, NBA, or MLB team.

The Cornhole bags come with your choice of the standard corn or filled with waterproof plastic with your chosen logo or text embroidery.

Classic 5-Hole Cornhole Board
This classic comes with a khaki base and your choice of black or red trim. With each board, you receive four bags of your choice between red and black.

Custom Cornhole Board
This is of the highest quality and is hand-made.

Full Wrap Cornhole Board
This full-color custom board allows for the maximum in design and customization. Each set comes with two boards and eight bags having two colors.

One Color Cornhole Set
This basic set comes with two boards painted in one color, but they do not have to be the same color. Included are eight bags of two colors.

Two Color Cornhole Set
This comes in a variety of styles and colors that you can choose from and includes two boards and eight bags of two colors.

Three Color Cornhole Set
These have a color triangle with a trim and you can choose your design and colors of the two boards and eight bags.

Custom Corntoss in Clearwater, Florida, makes the official boards and embroidered custom Cornhole bags and is always eager to spread the game. They make these durable supplies for families, groups, schools, corporate events, leagues, and tournaments that they help run in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area as well as all over the country. These also make excellent gifts for Corntoss players.

Feel free to contact them so that their friendly and helpful staff can answer any of your questions and guide you to choosing custom decals, boards, bags, and other products and accessories. Be aided with the use of their special Board Designer.

Activities that Families Can Do Online

The things and activities that families do now to bond have changed tremendously from the past years. The appearance of gadgets has somehow changed the way that people communicate with each other. Ironically, gadgets have helped people who are far away to communicate but it has also alienated those who are just close by. Right now, we see families all glued to their very own gadgets without talking to each other because they are just too busy with the games that they are playing. Wouldn’t it be nice to play a game online that will allow everybody to enjoy and still bond?

One site that you can try if you would want to play it with your family is It has games that will allow people to have fun. There are also different promotions that you will probably like once you check it out. The things being promoted will help you save up on money and gain extra points as well. The games there are family friendly too so you do not have to worry about the games being a bit too violent for kids or too boring for your teenage son and daughter. The promotions that are available on the site will give you a clear idea on when you should play and quite frankly, the more you play, the more chances that you will get prices. Maybe having a friendly competition with your family members will make you bond more and laugh like you used to.

Do remember that there are still other things that families can do in order to bond. Let online gaming be the passageway for the rest of the family members to realize that you should still talk with each other and laugh without the need of the gadgets that are freely available right now. Remember that gadgets can be replaced but family members are simply priceless.