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Blog buttons beautify,support personal advocacy

Gone are the days when blog buttons were made to only “accessorize” or add a dash of personality to a blog or website. These days, blog buttons are created to express personal advocacy or a cause. They are called statement buttons.

At Squeesome Designs, they do personalized and unique statement buttons apart from web designs and various other services. They also offer premade blog badge, word arts, sidebar titles, and statement buttons for free.

If you are a breastfeeding mom who also blogs you’ll be proud to wear this awesome badge that supports breastfeeding in public.

Free Public Breastfeeding Support Button

There are actually more cool buttons to choose from. If you are a bookworm, a coffee addict, a food lover, a travel buff, a green living mommy, etc? Squeesome Designs has made something that suits you. I‘ve already picked some buttons for my blogs and still want to add more. Thanks Squeesome Designs. They’re simply awesome!

Feel free to visit them anytime and grab a button or two. Squeesome Designs only requests that you retain the link back to their site for others to find these blog freebies too.


Our class picture on Facebook


PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila, 1990

Our class section has an FB group finally. After two decades, one of my classmates from college took the opportunity to bring our block section together, at least half of our section, on Facebook. She started creating a group, posts every classroom pictures that she was able to save, and then tagged everyone.

I felt happy and a little sad when I saw this picture. I’m happy that I finally got a copy of this picture after 20 long years. And sad, because I don’t look like the same slim girl anymore. 😀

Apparently this is not a serious shot. I think, some of our classmates wearing funny t shirts entered the room and blurted out witty remarks sending everyone into fits of laughter. There are other sillier shots than this one. Thankfully, my classmate didn’t post those pictures to spare us from further embarrassment. 😀