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Family and music

You might not think that it is possible that there are instances when the whole family is musically inclined. This means that all family members know how to play certain instruments and they can all play when they would want to. Families that do this may have a great bonding time especially if they make up their own songs along the way. It is possible though that using the instruments alone will not be loud enough to be heard. When this happens, families might find it essential to purchase an amplifier in an online instrument store. It can be the perfect amplifier to be used by the whole family. The great part about this is that it does not cost too much yet its quality is good enough to be appreciated.

Repost: Sweet gestures


Hubby is not the demonstrative type. But it doesn’t mean he isn’t sweet.  We hold hands when we are watching TV in the living room or when we are traveling. Sometimes he would massage my back if I request (demand) for it. 😀 He would give me a pat on the back (as if saying kaya mo yan, hehe) when I’m washing the dishes or preparing the table. He would give me water or juice if I’m busy with something. I request him to assist me in certain task at home without complain and lately he does most of the tasks by himself especially when he knows that I’m rushing an assignment. That’s how my husband made me feel special although there are times I tend to overlook his kind gestures. On my part, I’m showing my affection by giving him a peck on the cheek or a smack. I would like to embrace him kahit na sobrang init ng panahon. I’m not sure if that’s trying to be mushy or what. But that’s what I am even to my kids. I like to kiss and embrace them when I have the chance to do it. When I’m in the mood I would give hubby a back and head massage, mix his favorite juice drink, and if time permits cook him his favorite Sinigang na ulo ng isda sa miso with matching kalamansi and sili for sawsawan. He loves that dish.


Cellphone shot

That’s how plain and simple we express ourselves as a couple, but most importantly we never forget to say I love you when we go to sleep at night and before ending our conversation on the phone. This is my cheesy post for Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Have a sweet and memorable celebration with your loved ones! 🙂

Best Games for Kids and Family

family playing

In order to bond with each other, there is a need for kids and the rest of the family to play some games. Sometimes because of the age gap, parents find it hard to think of activities that their kids will enjoy but surely with games, there are a lot of things that whole families can do.

There are instances when the type of games that can be played will highly depend on who is playing. If father and son are going to play, the games that can be played may be done outdoors. It would have to be related to roughhousing or something that has anything to do with sports. Yet, there are also some fathers and sons who are into nature tripping so games that may be related to the outdoors can always be fun.

Here are still other games that can be played by families:

  • Board Games

There are so many things that can be done with board games. This can be done if the kids can already understand simple instructions usually at the age of 7 and up. There are so many board games that can be played and families can surely have fun trying to beat each other although most parents would let their children win.

  • Card Games

You may think that card games should not be done until your child is already a grown up but there are a lot of card games that can be played without having to make bets. As long as children already understand what they should do, playing the games can be easy to do.

  • Chess

Do you think that chess is boring? Usually, only those who do not understand how to play the game say this. Chess can be a fun game to play as long as you understand how each character supposedly moves. You will have a lot of fun playing this in the process.

With all of these games available, families can bond and get to learn more about each other.

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