Event internet


Whatever kind of event you are planning, it is essential that you are able to get wifi for events. Internet has moved from a nice option, to an absolute necessity. This is true whether your event will focus on business, entertainment or any other kind of industry. Everyone depends largely on the internet to complete their job at this point, and so your connection will have a major impact on how participants experience your event.

The best option for temporary event internet is rental of technology from Trade Show Internet. They have the CONNECT service for event planners, which includes premier technology, the technical expertise to make sure it is working properly for you, and the on-site Network Operation Center to provide real-time monitoring of your network.

They also provide for bandwidth solutions, which are essential to provide the capacity needed to make your network effective. Contact them through their website, or by calling them at (866) 385-1504.

Icon Manila 2015 Certificate

N's ticket to the workshop
N’s ticket to the workshop

N should be writing this post but she’s just too lazy to do anything bakasyon eh. She’s busy watching some series on her laptop day in (day out…)

She's excited to receive this after the event.
She’s excited to receive this after the event.

All she can tell me about the first design conference that she’d attended was that the event was worth the wait at sulit naman daw ang presyo ng ticket. She has learned a lot about digital arts, etc, and all those information she can apply to her course. Kung afford sana, she wishes to attend the second day of the conference but it was too costly for us enrolment pa naman. Ipon daw ulit for another conference like this. 🙂

Registered and ready to attend her first design conference through Icon Manila 2015


Hubby and I are supportive of our children especially if it concerns anything about their progress in school. This school break, one of the kids was actually dreaming of attending an art workshop. It’s not just an art workshop that will enhance our daughter’s talent in drawing, but it will give her the opportunity to meet some of the men (and women) behind popular animated films in the US. N would like to learn more about their craft and how she will be able to apply the knowledge to practice. The registration fee is not cheap but we were able to avail the early bird rate and register for a one-day workshop for our daughter. Besides the experience, N will be able to receive an E-certificate of participation for her attendance. She can add this to her portfolio for future purposes.

Check about the event through their website: http://www.iconmanila.com/iedc.html