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Invitation to review products

I received an invitation  from a US-based company that offers free products in exchange for writing reviews.  The requirement is simple you just have to register and then choose the product that you want to receive to review. You can also use the product as a give-away to your loyal followers.


Unfortunately, I did not qualify because the promotion is good for US and Canada only.


Anyway, you can check out thesite here if you are interested.

2nd, 3rd and 4th payments from Adgitize

I almost forgot to post this. Here’s my proof of payments from Adgitize as advertiser from April to July 2010. I received my first payout January of this year. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)


April 2010 payment


May 2010 payment


July 2010 payment

Adgitize has done a lot of good things to my four blogs Mom writes for a cause; Pen, paper, pan; Sketches; and Yam’s Files.  My alexa ranking has improved and my Page Rank (PR) increased from 0 to 3 (for Mom writes for a cause). I also get to visit new sites and meet new online friends through Adgitize. And as a bonus, I get paid based on how much I earned as for my advertisement. I’m definitely happy with their service. If you wish to receive the same benefit for your blog as a publisher or as advertiser visit their site now by clicking on the Adgitize banner below.

Adgitize your web site.

My online source of income

A fellow mommy blogger once asked me where I find my opps or blog opportunities to be precise. I was once like her when I was just starting so I shared with her the companies and websites that offer opportunities for bloggers by writing reviews and more. At the moment, I accept assignments from the following popular companies:

Blogsvertise, PayU2Blog, Reviewme, SponsoredReviews

I wish I could tell the other sites but some companies are kind of jealous seeing a competitor’s link/name here. Anyway, I also accept assignments from direct advertisers. Lately, I was one of the lucky bloggers who got assignments from Pehpot. Thanks Marce! Even if I don’t have an EON card yet, I still get to enjoy my online earnings by buying stuff for my kids and hubby. However, I really wish to apply for an EON card soon so I could encash my hard earned money and help hubby pay for phone and utility bills that pile up every 30th of the month. 🙁

If you wish to earn like me you may check out and sign up to the companies that I’ve mentioned above. I wish you good luck. Hope you’ll receive your first assignment soon and spend your earnings wisely. 🙂