Importance of stickers to promote business

Many businesses overlook the powerful marketing opportunity that can come from choosing custom stickers. Although these small branded messages can sometimes disappear into the immediate surroundings, they also continue the circulation of a business’ name and logo image. Here are some reasons to consider using this small marketing tool to expand the reach of your business.


Perhaps expensive marketing is not a line item in your business budget. This does not mean that you should consider avoiding marketing altogether. Instead, it means you will have to be creative enough to find marketing tactics that cost little to no money. Stickers give you this advantage. In most cases, you can purchase them in bulk and save money. The cost of production is typically a low price point, and companies pass these savings on to their customers.


You cannot often predict where your stickers will land. People tend to think of these small items as ideal promotional items for car bumpers and coffee mugs. There are drivers who make an art of displaying a witty message on the backs of their cars. When stickers have a company logo, tagline or image, they can end up in many other places. Customers and company visitors place them on their clothing, notebooks, laptop bags, portfolios, jackets and many other places. This means that your company message will spread far and wide.


After a sticker is flashed many times to a public audience, it may become quite recognizable. As people begin seeing a sticker image repeated, its popularity factor increases. Before long, everyone is clamoring for a sticker of their own, whether they understand the products and services or not.

You should never underestimate the power of small stickers to help your company branding. An affordable, small gesture, it can keep others talking and inquiring about what you offer as a product or service. Once you have solid brand protocols in place, it is a good idea to start spreading your good image in your local and regional community. This helps potential customers find you easily and lets the world know that you have permanently hung out your shingle for business.

When to Hire a Medical Packaging Consultant

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No company wants to needlessly spend money, but a packaging consultant can often be a wise investment. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the safe packaging of medical products that will make it to their final destination in great shape.

Before You Begin the Process of taking a Product to Market

Any company that is working towards doing a product launch would benefit from the sound advice of a medical packaging consultant. They can assist in looking over all of the details so that you end up with a successful launch into the marketplace with your new product. You will have far fewer chances of rejection and compliance issues.

When You Have Been Hit With Compliance Violations

When you forge ahead with less than optimal packaging and find that you are dinged heavily by not being in compliance, the value of a consultant becomes clear. They will be knowledgeable about what it takes to make sure your packaging meets all regulatory controls.

When You are Unsure of Packaging Quality

Switching over to a new design or material that you are unsure of might be the time to bring in a packaging consultant. They can initiate the testing needed to make sure that your product will be well-protected and meet compliance demands. Getting your product out to the customer in great shape is the ultimate goal. The consultant will know what tests are needed to ensure this can happen, or recommend any changes that will have to be made for success.

Hire a Consultant to Update Your Package Presentation

There are times companies want to revamp the entire look of a popular product. This is when the skills of a medical packaging consultant really shine. Real creativity can help introduce designs that might not have been tried previously. You can get a definite edge by choosing the right upgrades to packaging your products.

When You Need Profesional Advice On Packaging Materials

You may have the best product available for a particular medical condition, but are unaware of the best method to package it and send it on to the consumer. A professional consultant will be familiar with the types of packaging used to successfully contain and transport your type of product safely.

Contact packaging consulting specialists like the ones at Ten-e and find out how the right packaging can put you on the road to success today!