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On photocopy and secondhand books

Buying brand new books is not actually required by the school I attended in College. It’s a state university and many students rely on photocopying and buying secondhand textbooks. I go to the library for hard to find books and do my research there especially if the subjects require a lot of reading. I would photocopy the materials so I can study them at home. For some of my major subjects, I see to it to buy secondhand books if the brand new ones are expensive. Together with my classmates, we would visit the bookstores along Recto Avenue in Manila to look for used textbooks.

Study and reference materials are more accessible these days because of the Internet. You can check out online resources for used books. By reusing secondhand textbooks we are also doing ourselves and the environment a big favor as it helps us reduce carbon footprints.

The Writing Diet


I purchased this new book on sale at National Bookstore. It’s a good read and it was the first time I saw an interesting book that I can relate well. I’m sure you were thinking about a self-help book on dieting, right? Well, actually it is more than that! I’m not kidding. The author discusses so much about keeping fit, but not the traditional or modern way you know it. And she (the author) will teach you how to get your creative juices going as you try to lose weight. How? One has to attack or deal with food cravings through the artistic way of WRITING. Sounds fun huh!

I only read a few pages because I’m busy. But I’m sure I’ll be hooked reading this book and hope to finish it before the year ends.

Driveway alarm

We went out last Saturday to buy my daughter her new sketch pad and drawing pencil. Khalil also bought the National Geographic Kids Alamanac 2011 for himself. We were about to leave the cashier counter when my phone rang. It was my husband calling from the office informing us that our niece was at the mall car park waiting for us. We have yet to eat dinner at that time so I requested hubby to tell our niece to go ahead.

She was at the mall with her father to buy a driveway alarm for her new car. She needs to place the alarm immediately because the gate of their driveway is not working properly and she’s worried about the protection of her car.