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My first Google Adsense payment


After 48 years er 4 years, I finally received my first payment from Google Adsense. I went to the nearest Western Union branch in our area upon receiving the MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number from Google. It took me only a few minutes to get the cash. I just filled out some documents, presented two IDs and the MTCN number to the WU staff and it’s done. I hope my next transaction (hopefully not another four years) will also be hassle-free like this one.

Just a few dollars short

I’m counting the weeks before I finally get my first ever payment from Google Adsense. If I may recall, it was in 2009, the same year when I set up my first personal blog that I started earning as ad publisher. Now, after four long years, I will be able to reach the payment threshold. I’m just hoping that I won’t encounter any problem similar to payment hold or worse cancellation of account. I heard sad stories from friends who experienced problem with their account. And then there are happy stories of those who regularly receive their checks from Google Adsense. I will be happy to share my own experience with you once I get the check.

Blissfully thankful!

“Your dreams will come true… if you can see it… if you believe in it… then you can achieve it.”

I’m just so happy to share that my dream to have all my 10 blogs designed by one true queen of chic and affordable blog designs was finally realized.

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