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My Weight Loss Journey

My kids and even hubby is persistent in telling me to find time to exercise because they can’t stand seeing me moving too slowly or panting at the slightest movement that I make inside our home. Hubby is not in favor of diet pills even if the best diet pills around because he doesn’t want me to take anything artificial in order to lose weight. He said that if walking fits my schedule, then walking it is. He said I can do walking every morning when the kids are already in school. Thank you, Daddy for being so supportive of me in my weight loss journey.


Are you looking for the fastest way to burn fat? If you do or have already found one, please let me know so I could try it for myself. My inner self is dictating me to look for something that could help me lose weight. Pardon me if you’re reading a lot of personal rant about my “weight problem” here and on my other blogs. Honestly, I don’t feel healthy right now. I feel and appear bloated in my middle section and sometimes I think my vital organs are engorged. Isn’t it worrisome?