Big women can be fashionable too


Who says big women can’t be fashionable too? Fashion experts have a hundred and one tips for plus size women in choosing the appropriate getup from the basic or everyday wear to the formal dress on important functions. But don’t think being in style means you will spend a fortune to buy the latest clothes design. You should know the proper clothes fit for your size and age lest you want to be called a fashion victim. There are stores that you can check out for plus size outfits. However, if you are living on a tight budget, you can visit thrift shops or “ukay-ukay” for a change. I bought two pairs of capri pants at an Ukay store for only P100 or a little over $2. The size perfectly fits and I was able to save a few bucks for my next shopping trip. I feel happy knowing that there are choices of what to wear for women on the heavy side. It is easier to search for fashion info on the Net, the same way with looking for data on how to treat acne effectively.

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Ukay-ukay no more

Is it true that the government is set to impose tax on Ukay-Ukay (pre-owned or second hand clothes)? Are they serious? Come on. Does this mean I will not be able to buy cheap yet good quality Capri pants and nfl t shirts anymore? Of course the good people from the government can easily impose tax on just about anything and services enjoyed by the common people. But please can’t they exercise a little leniency to us living below the poverty line?

My family relies on Ukay-ukay shops for our clothing needs. I’m sure many of my mommy friends out there have visited an Ukay-ukay stall and purchased an item or two for themselves and their family. And they can vouch that clothes bought there are incredibly cheap and sturdy, you just have to be patient in checking for “new” outfit in the pile of imported clothes. I mean if you are lucky enough you can actually find new and branded items.

Once the proposal becomes a law, many Ukay shoppers including me will be disappointed because shop owners will have no choice but to increase their selling overhead to compensate for the additional cost incurred by the new tax if ever.