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Things You Need to Know Before Renting an Apartment in NYC

Searching for a new apartment to live in takes time, especially if you are unsure of what to look for in a place like New York City. A list of things should at least guide you to get to your dream place.

The following tips will help apartment hunters choose the best place to settle down as they start a career in The Big Apple. 

An apartment in Queens, NY

Proximity to workplace

One of the things young professionals look for in a new place is the proximity of their work to their apartment. It saves them time, energy, and money if they are lucky enough to find an apartment just a stone’s throw away from the office. 

Give yourself enough time to search for an apartment, so you have plenty of options. Ideally, the best time for apartment hunting is from May to September. These are the peak season months in NYC when you have plenty of choices, but competition and rates are high. On the other hand, October to April are the lean months; rates may be lower, but options are few. 


The first apartment you’ll end up living in in the next few years is dependent on your budget. Affordable apartments are usually smaller and with fewer amenities. If you want a better place, you have to shell out a hefty sum for the rent.  

New York City is an expensive place; you should have ample savings to cover your first few weeks in your new home. It should be enough for the deposit and rentals for the new apartment and your expenses until your first paycheck. 

Even before you made your final choice, some documents should come in handy such as your bank statements, a photocopy of your ID, employment records, and a check for the rent and deposit.  

Since you want everything to work within your budget, make sure there are grocery stores and laundromats in the area.  


Is the apartment located in a safe neighborhood

You most probably live on your own so wanting to secure your safety is necessary. Besides the comfort of the new apartment, you must ensure that you are safe while everything else is accessible in your new neighborhood. You may ask some people around to get to know about the place and potential neighbors, too. Is the area generally peaceful? Do a little research about the area.   


Do you need a bigger space or just the right size for your belongings? If you pick a small apartment, it is best to choose the right furniture to fit in it. It is advisable to get furniture with numerous uses, often called multifunctional, for a small space. Assess your room or space size so the furniture will fit perfectly.

Rental Marketplace

If you find it hard to do all the legwork in apartment hunting, you can check an online apartment search source like Zumper. 

The good thing about this rental app it has a real-time inventory of houses, rooms, condos, and apartments for rent. Clients are alerted of new rental listings based on their preference, such as location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity.  

Through the Zumper app, clients can request virtual or in-person tours, submit applications, and pay rent. 

The next best thing to happen besides landing your dream job in New York City is finding your dream apartment. Cheers!