Beautifying My Favorite Part of the House

I guess you’d agree that the kitchen is easily the most favorite part of the house for a lot of people. Apart from being a place where we get to feed our famished bellies, the kitchen is also a perfect place for the family to catch up on each other or spend quality time while preparing meals together. Not to mention, we also find comfort in the company of those food staples that we have grown to love over the years and the familiar smell of the comfort foods that we have normally crave whenever we are feeling sick or needing a quick pick-me-up.

Needless to say, the kitchen is one of our favorite places to decorate and renovate, too. Adding simple yet effective fixtures here and there that surely makes it more like a haven, Kitchen Cabinets that houses Grandma’s precious china collection (which we only get to use on special occasions, by the way) in one corner, a wicker coffee table in another nook that serves as the little ones’ go-to area during snacks, and the addition of an assortment of equipment that make cooking and moving around the kitchen a bliss!

Now if only I can fit a fireplace somewhere over here, this place will be perfect!

Fresh coat painting

Hubby and I are thinking of painting our boring-looking wall with light blue or green coat to bring our house to life. But I’m quite worried about the effect of paint to our health. The kids and I have allergic reaction to the strong odor of paint. We are easily irritated by the strong smell causing us to sneeze and cough. There are water-based paints that are odorless or nose-friendly, but we can’t manage to squeeze in a budget for that as they are expensive. With a minimal budget, we have to settle for cheaper alternative. Apart from painting, we are also planning to change the rusty window screens in the bedroom. I guess the more I think about house repair and maintenance the more I worry about the growing household expenses. This means we have to scrimp our budget some more and strike out line items that we can live without such as a brand new tv set with da lite screens.

More blessing for 2011

Hubby was thankful that we were able to accomplish many of our plans including repairs for our home last year. From our little savings, hubby got a chance to construct a new concrete fence (of course with the help of  some workers) and tiled our bathroom in 2010.

We also bought a new washer to replace our 11 year old pre-owned washing machine. And to conserve a little energy, we bought this LCD television for our sala. Our next purchase list will include memory foam mattress and study table for the kids and a Sofa bed.. All our purchases were made possible by the payment for a translation project last year. Hubby and I hope that we will have another project coming for 2011.