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Enrolment woes

Opening of classes is the time of the year when parents normally get excited and apprehensive at the same time. They get excited because their kids will be entering a new phase in their lives as a student. They feel anxious if there are reports of tuition hike and increase in prices of school supplies. All these things happen beyond are control. So in instances that an additional financial support is needed, some parents resort to using their prepaid visa. In our case, if push comes to shove we’ll just have to use our credit card. (Like what I wrote in my previous posts we maintain the card for emergency purposes only.)

Use credit card wisely

Every now and then, hubby would receive letters from credit card companies inviting him to apply for a credit card. These companies usually offer  zero-interest rate, rebates and credit card debt consolidation as marketing strategy to attract more clients. They would even offer easy credit card processing where you can get an activated card within a few days. We already own a credit card and hubby opted to maintain only one credit card account. Our credit card has been very useful to us during emergency situation. I don’t want to sound like encouraging other people to get a credit card, but during urgent situation it will surely help you cope. One thing though, if you own a credit card make sure to use it wisely and don’t use it on impulse.