Eminent eight

I got this cute tag from Marce Kaye. My first tag for 2010. Thanks, Marce! The rule is simple list down  eight  things that you are passionate about, favorites, etc and then pass it on to eight of your friends.
8 TV Shows I like to watch
  1. Pinoy Big Brother
  2. Boys Over Flowers
  3. Evening news
  4. American Idol
  5. Quickfire (cooking show)
  6. Bubble Gang
  7. Lokomoko High
  8. Showtime

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out

  1. Shakey’s
  2. Yellow Cab
  3. Max’s
  4. Burger King
  5. Chowking
  6. Jollibee
  7. Mcdonald’s
  8. Greenich

8 Things I look forward to

  1. School field trip
  2. My daughter’s 13th birthday
  3. School Recognition Day
  4. Mom writes for a cause Blogversary
  5. Vacation
  6. My birthday
  7. Summer activities for kids
  8. More online opportunities

8 Things that happened yesterday

  1. Woke at 5 a.m. (kids almost missed the school service)
  2. Cook breakfast
  3. Prepare kids to school
  4. Check email
  5. Blog
  6. Cook lunch
  7. Wash clothes
  8. Wait for kids then dinner

8 Things I Love about Winter (or rainy season in the Philippines)

1. Sipping hot coffee with milk while watching movie
2. Prepare the most delicious sinigang or nilagang baka for lunch
3. Cook champorado for meryenda
4. No need to take a bath (joke)
5. Less cloth to wash (no one changes clothes when it’s freezing cold lol)
6. more reason to snuggle
7. sitting close to one another while watching TV
8. more time to sleep

8 Things I’m Passionate About

  1. spending time with family
  2. movie
  3. music
  4. eating
  5. writing
  6. blogging
  7. earning online
  8. books

8 Word/Phrases I often Used

  1. Love mo ‘ko?
  2. Iligpit niyo nga ‘yan!
  3. Ano ba?!
  4. Kakainis na!
  5. Yakap
  6. Pa-kiss
  7. Ingat!
  8. Night. lab u!

8 Things I learned from the past

  1. Looks can be deceiving
  2. Easy to trust people
  3. Learn to love myself more
  4. Learn to keep things to myself
  5. Choose my friends and keep them
  6. Be conscious about my health
  7. Strike while the iron is hot
  8. Save more

8 Blog Friends I want to tag. I’m tagging the Marce Club and the ladies following this site.  Yipee!

Two weddings

Remember my first cousin Cez who got married last year? I’ve mentioned about her wedding and her wedding photos in one of my posts in my other blog. Just recently I saw their wedding video. To tell you honestly, I’m not satisfied with the way the videographer covered the whole wedding event, including shots at the bride’s house to the reception site. The video was a bit hazy and they could have edited portions that are not necessary in the film. Anyway, the wedding went well and they still have mementos to remind them of how special the occasion was to the couple and their families.

I was not involved in the wedding preparation, but if I had the chance to share my idea about the wedding, I could have suggested professional videographer Buddy Gancenia to cover my cousin’s wedding. Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines so you have nothing to worry about missing an important shot during the wedding.

If my cousin will see any of Buddy Gancenia’s works, she will definitely regret not meeting him earlier. The next wedding will be mine. Yes, my husband and I are planning to have a chuch wedding in the future. It will be a simple wedding, but I want to make sure our special day will be immortalized by Buddy Gancenias’ genius in wedding video coverage.

I find this interesting corporate video of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)  in his site.

And here’s the screenshot of Buddy Gancenia’s Reality TV blog.